Why a Trade Account works for your business.

As a qualified Tradesman or Supplier, you will always be looking to improve the services you provide to your customers as well ways to increase your income.

Although becoming increasingly more popular, Water Softeners and Drinking Water Filters are still considered by a lot of tradesmen as unnecessary and possibly complicated, or if they can see the benefits, they are concerned about back up should anything go wrong in the future. This means they do not always consider the potential additional income that can be generated by supplying and fitting one or both of these types of systems.

World Class Water are manufacturers of high-quality domestic water softeners and drinking systems and supply these to the trade at a price that will give a great deal for both your company and your customers.

More importantly we offer a back-up service which includes over the phone “set up” assistance and a 24 months parts and labour warranty on all our softeners using our own trained technicians. This means you can fit our products in the safe knowledge that you and your customers are covered in the event of a problem.

Just one softener and drinking filter per month could earn you substantial extra income per annum excluding any additional labour cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about our products and opportunities, please contact us:

By email or

Give us a call on 01279 780262.

  • Substantial extra income
  • Complements your existing business
  • Back-up support
  • Products – Made in Britain