flood protection

Turn mains water off with a simple lockdown switch!

If you can reach an existing brass stopcock, but wish to have one which is easier to use and more mobile, our stand-alone Surestop Stopcock is the perfect choice.

It features a simple lockdown switch to control the mains water, so that the entire water supply is simply and instantly turned off when required

This model of Surestop Stopcock uses 15mm Pushfit connections, and operates entirely through water pressure; no electrics required.

  • Instant protection – stops the water supply with a simple lockdown switch
  • No electrics are involved, it works purely on natural water pressure
  • Simply and quickly fitted in less than one hour
  • Easy to use, easy to access and lime scale resistant; it will not seize up unlike brass versions
  • Stopcock is made with safe to use glass-filled nylon, allowing connection to potable water supplies
  • UK manufactured, with over 1 million units sold nationwide
  • Available with either push-fit fittings for simpler installation of pipe, or traditional compression
  • Ideal for all residential and light commercial applications