Plumber or DIY?

Installing a water softener from World Class Water is fairly straightforward and a routine job for a professional plumber or D-I-Y enthusiast.

What’s in the box?

1 x World Class Water metered cold water softener
1 x salt lid
2 x Hi bore 15mm hoses
1 x length of drain hose
1 x length of half inch overflow hose
1 x outlet hose mesh washer insert

Helpful Hints

Use only tablet or pebble salt.
Check the salt level regularly and ensure it does not fall below the water level.
Fill the cabinet approximately 5-10 cm from the top with salt
tablets or pebble salt when replenishing.
Avoid moving the softener once installed as this may cause
hoses to kink and cause flooding.
Reset time clock if power is cut off for more than an hour.