Are you worried about consuming MICRO-PLASTICS through tap water or bottled water?

It is widely believed that the average person should drink between 2 and 3 litres of water a day to maintain hydration. With this in mind don’t you think that we should be putting more thought into what is actually in the water we are consuming.

Bottled water might be the answer that is arrived at but how does that balance with the affect on the environment of the plastic bottle it comes in and also the growing awareness of Microplastics that may be contained in the water in our systems.

The WCW IX Clear Drinking Water System filters the water to not only remove discoloration and chemicals such as Chlorine with its smell and taste issues but also reduce the PFAS (including micro-plastics) in the water you drink.

Easily fitted under your sink and lasting up to 12 months enjoy freshly filtered clean tasting refreshing water in the home or from your daily water intake vessel.

Can be installed onto your cold water tap or to maximise the filter capacity why not fit a 3 way tap with a dedicated outlet for your filtered water?

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