Sophie the softener lives in the kitchen cupboard under the sink, she has a shiny black valve with a digital display and a black cabinet with a slanty front and a square lid where her owners fed her with salt so she could work properly.

Sophie’s house is called HardWater Hall, it was called that because before Sophie arrived everywhere in the house had horrible Hard Water running through the pipes and taps leaving marks and scale all over the bathrooms and kitchen as well as breaking the washing machines and boilers.

Baron HardWater and his wife spent their whole time running around cleaning and polishing and just when they thought they had finished the scale marks had started to re appear and the washing machine repairman had to come back.

Baron HardWater got up one day and went to have his morning shower, he turned on the tap and waited for the water to spray out over his head, he waited, and waited, and waited but instead of a spray he got drip, drip, drip . Cold and shivering he looked up to see that all the holes in the shower-head were clogged up with scale and hardly any water was coming out.

Baron HardWater was not happy.

When he finally managed to get himself washed he grabbed a towel to dry himself and did a little jig as it scratched against his skin like sandpaper, “Where are the nice fluffy towels we used to have” he shouted to Baroness HardWater. “They are the fluffy ones” she replied that’s how they came out of the washing machine.

“There must be something we can do make things better “ he said, and he headed for his computer.

He looked on his computer and found the World Class Water website. “ It says here we can make all this go away if we have a water softener.

A few clicks later and the next day Sophie arrived on their doorstep.

Baron HardWater followed the instructions and very soon Sophie was in her new home and ready to start work. Sophie enjoyed taking all the scale out of the water and making it feel nicer and when she was full up she would give herself a wash with the Brine in her cabinet and send all the scale down the drain ready to start again.

Straight away Baron and Baroness HardWater noticed a fantastic change.

The kitchen and bathroom started to shine and needed less time cleaning, The washing machine didn’t break down and all the heating elements worked more efficiently.

The shower head unclogged and Baron HardWater enjoyed not only a great shower but used far less Shower Gel to produce lots of soapy lather.

AND his towel went back to being fluffy and soft on his skin when got dried.

Baron and Baroness HardWater agreed that Sophie was one of the best buys they had ever made and Sophie , well she just smiled and kept giving World Class Water.