The condition and style of your hair is important in making a good first impression and often makes a look feel complete. When your hair is in bad condition it can make you feel insecure and appear scruffy to those around you.

What is Hard Water?

The quality of the water in your household is important for you and your home. It can affect the condition of your hair and skin as well as areas in your home such as plumbing, taste of drinking water and efficiency of appliances. Hard water has a higher quantity of minerals such as magnesium, calcium which play an important role in the formation of limescale and tend to originate from groundwater where the amount of natural mineral levels are higher.

You may not be sure if your water is hard or soft and there are signs to look for when dealing with hard water:

  • Straw-like Hair
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Dry Skin
  • Short Life Span of Appliances

You can use our water hardness calculator to check if you’re living in a hard water area.

What is Soft Water and 5 Ways it Can Benefit You and Your Hair

Soft water has lower levels of minerals and ions, in particular magnesium and calcium and it tends to originate from rainfall. You can reduce the hardness of your water by using a water softener that can be installed into your water filtration system.

Colour Retention

Whether it may be permanently or temporarily, it is essential for salon’s and D-I-Y hair colours to achieve a long lasting and enhanced colour. Hard water can directly affect the intensity and longevity of the colour, leaving the hair looking faded and discoloured. When using soft water your hair will take a significantly longer time to fade and can help to retain the initial colour of the hair.

Anti-Dandruff Properties

The effects of hard water on your skin are detrimental and can leave it looking and feeling dry. This can cause your scalp to become flaky and itchy which will cause dandruff to form. A common cause of dandruff is using too much shampoo too often, and this can be easily done when your hair becomes greasy regularly. Using soft water on your hair can reduce the amount of dandruff you have by making your scalp softer and can also mean you spend less on hair products like shampoo as you won’t use them as much.

Save Money on Products

A common misconception people believe is that when their hair is in bad condition they have to splash out on expensive, high quality hair treatments and creams to compensate. This is not the case, most of the time the quality and condition of your hair is dependent on the hardness of your water. Having soft water showers will improve the overall quality of your hair and will mean that you are spending less on unnecessary products and shampoo and also doing your bit to help the environment.

Less Grease

Many people feel the need to wash their hair everyday or every other day because it appears and feels greasy. Over washing your hair and using too much conditioner can have the opposite effect and actually make your hair follicles and scalp oily, leaving your hair greasy to touch. Soft water can combat this and work hand in hand with oil prone hair by alleviating the need to over wash.

Silkier and Softer

Using a soft water shower head can help your hair to absorb the good minerals like zinc, other than magnesium and calcium. Your hair will be hydrated and softer. People with coarser, thicker hair will benefit more than those with thinner hair from soft water because thin hair uses the extra minerals to achieve voluminous hair.

Are you concerned with the damage hard water is having on your hair? Do you want to reduce the hardness of your water supply? World Class Water can help.

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