Kitchen Taps

Browse our range of stylish filtration/softener mixer taps for your kitchen. We stock two and three lever options in multiple finishes and colours. Add that finishing touch to your new kitchen project.

Water Softeners

Softened water throughout your home – browse our range to suit all sizes of property and family. Softer skin, softener towels and laundry, in a scale free, more energy efficient cheaper to run home.

Water Filters

Our water filters provide great tasting, crystal clear, restaurant quality water at home. Our water filters also remove lime scale, helping kettles and pans stay looking new and working better for longer.

Reusable Cups

Help save the environment and money with convenient, stylish and study reusable cups and bottles from the best brands. Say no to single use plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups and do your bit for our planet and its oceans.

Boiling Water Taps

Dispense, filtered boiling water instantly, straight from reliable, easy to use boiling water taps.

Water Chillers

Great tasting, chilled water whenever you need it. Dispensed at home, at just above freezing for the perfect, refreshing and healthy glass of ice cold water.

Reverse Osmosis

Experience pure water at home for great tasting water and water clear of contaminants, ideally suited for drinking water, food preparation, boiling and steaming.


Don’t forget to purchase your salt from Purple Turtle as well to keep your water softener working at its best and producing world class water throughout your home.