Softer hair and skin.

Softened water is kinder to your skin.

Whether you’re young or old, you’ll benefit from softer skin and shinier hair.

Softened water has been proved to have a positive effect of sufferers of skin allergies such as eczema.

A scale free home.

Your bathroom, shower and kitchen will shine. With no limescale residue, surfaces, taps, shower screens and tiles will stay mark free for longer, reducing the time spent cleaning.

Shower heads will remain clean and clear of scale build up, allowing you to enjoy the full power of your shower for longer.

Softer towels and laundry.

Clothes and fabrics will feel softener and colours will be brighter.

Towels will feel luxuriously fluffy and your bed linen soft, inviting and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

You’ll use less detergent, which helps the environment and saves you money.

Highly energy efficient

Softened water means improved energy efficiency of heating elements and boilers and household laundry equipment.

Your home’s central heating will work better with clean, scale-free pipework and your washing machine will be more energy efficient for longer, producing outstanding cleaning results, every time.

Start saving money straight away

Scale-free heating elements means they are more energy efficient which means lower fuel bills.

Softened water means less soap and shampoo is needed to create a nice lather and less detergent and cleaning materials are needed. 

Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers will need less servicing and last much longer too.

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