Valencia 8 Litre Non-Electric Softener


Non-Electric 8 litre automatic Water Softener – The Valencia.

The Valencia is a high-performance hydraulic water softener that will provide you and your family with high quality softened water.

Your Sevilla water softener will provide you and your family the benefits and advantages outlined below:

  • Energy saving
  • Increases the life of electrical appliances
  • Cost savings: it reduces the consumption of soap, fabric softeners and chemical products
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Automatic control of the equipment.

  • Dimensions: 508mm x 500mm x 239mm

    Temperature range: 1.7 to 45 C

    Pressure range: 1.7-8.6 bar

    Regeneration time: 15 minutes

    Salt used during regeneration: 0.36kg


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