Hotspot Titanium Boiling Water Tap includes 4ltr heater and filter

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The HotSpot Titanium boiling water tap guarantees safety, convenience and luxury in your kitchen.

It provides instant filtered 100 degrees boiling water controlled by the unique ‘IntelliProtect’ activation button.

The ‘IntelliProtect’ control is a patented safety system to prevent you or a child from accidentally activating the tap.

The taps are all developed with ‘cold touch’ technology, another safety feature and are available in a range of beautiful designs to ensure they match every style of kitchen furniture.

Our 3-in-1 boiling water taps supply normal hot and cold water, plus instant filtered boiling water from one single spout.

The hot and cold water can both be controlled with a standard mixer; the instant filtered boiling water is controlled with our unique ‘IntelliProtect’ activation button.
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The stylish HotSpot Titanium heater is at the heart of our boiling water system.

The heater is equipped with a pure titanium water storage tank, which ensures that there is no ‘after taste’.

High-vacuum insulation around the tank maintains the temperature at the correct level (above 100˚C).

The HotSpot Titanium Water filter is designed to ensure that only purified water enters the titanium heater. The 5-step filtration system incorporates double activated carbon filtration for quality assurance. In combination with the high-performance ion exchanger, this means that the water will taste better and the heater will be fully protected from any limescale build up. In addition, the Aqua stop facility built in to the filter head allows for easy replacement of the cartridge.


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