If you’re looking for a new water filtration system for your home, you might be interested in a reverse osmosis water system. While water softeners are used to remove many hard minerals from water, they are not able to purify water to the same high-quality as a reverse osmosis system can. There are some minerals that only a reverse osmosis water system can deal with.

What are Reverse Osmosis Water Systems?

Reverse osmosis systems are highly-efficient filtration systems used for purifying water. They remove a variety of pollutants and minerals from water, including sodium, lead, chloride, fluorides, arsenic, pesticides and more. In essence, reverse osmosis gives you very high-quality water for a fraction of the price of bottled water.

So, what are the benefits of using a reverse osmosis water system?

1. Eliminates Sodium

A huge benefit of a reverse osmosis water filtration system is that it removes sodium from your water. Consuming high levels of sodium can cause high blood pressure, liver problems, and kidney disease. Water softeners are unable to provide this benefit, as they are only capable of eliminating hard minerals such as iron.

2. Removes Lead

Reverse osmosis systems can also remove any traces of lead from your water. Lead can be dangerous and cause a number of health issues when consumed at high levels. These include high blood pressure, nerve damage, fertility problems and even brain damage.

3. It’s Better for Cooking

Reverse osmosis filtered water gives you much better tasting food. Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium can affect the flavor and colour of food. Cooking with filtered water that is free of impurities improves the flavour, texture and colour of many recipes. Tea and coffee also tastes much better with reverse osmosis water. It’s no surprise then, that many restaurants and caterers use reverse osmosis filtered water in their cooking. Reverse Osmosis Units are particularly cost-effective for homes with extremely hard or variable water quality, who need treated water normally obtained using calcium treatment units or demineralisation systems.

4. Produces Great Tasting Water

One of the best reasons to choose a reverse osmosis system is that it produces clean, great tasting water that is perfect to drink and cook with. By removing minerals that influence a water’s natural taste, reverse osmosis systems produce water that is more pure and fresh. The result? You’ll get bottle-quality mineral water on tap.

5. Easy To Store & Maintain

Compared to most other water systems, a reverse osmosis system is much smaller and takes up less space. This is perfect for any household, they can easily fit under kitchen sinks or in tiny corners. Reverse osmosis systems are also really easy to maintain. In general, you only have to change the filters every six months or so to keep them running.

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